We live passion for IT. We are always in search for the perfect solution. Our software makes companies succeed by opening new angles and business cases.
We use motivation, commitment and methodology to develop reasonable software and optimise workflows. We feel personal responsibility for our products and in every aspect of our business.
We produce reasonable software which is tailored, interacting, user friendly, scalable, thoughtout and expandable. We digitalize businesses. And just develop beautifully precise IT solutions.

Agile Software Development

Java, .Net, C#, C++,  JavaScript, HTML5, Oracle PL/SQL, MSSQL T-SQL

Database Administration

DB Design, DB Administration, DB Optimisation, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Process automation

Intelligent Automation, Customer Centric Processes, Business Digitalization

Digital Transformation forces you to change

The changes have to be efficient, ágile and personalized. AXON Ivy is the platform which makes it easy to digitalize your business. MAYU IT makes it easy to implement your change.

We are excited to be the official partner of AXON Ivy in Spain.

Meet Europe´s Number 1 In Process Execution

MAYU IT Solutions conditions you to optimize your activities across departments and organisations and to develop new business. We make you responsive to change.

We guide you in your successful digital transformation.